Coming Soon-New Knit Dress dishcloth

I’m really pleased to let you know that I’ve designed another dress dishcloth call Prom Date Dress and it will be included in a 2010 Knitting Calendar titled “Gifts from the Heart-Back to Basics”. If you’d like to get a glimpse of this new knitted dress dishcloth, along with some of the other great knitting projects, visit 2010 knitting calendar.blogspot.com. There’s two different versions of this knit dress, one using seed stitch and one using garter stitch. I’m in the process of designing several more in what is becoming a series.

The photo to the right is the original knitted dress dishcloth. The pattern is on my website. The one on the right is made using a solid color only. The one on the left is made with Sugar n Cream Twists and a coordinating solid. This dishcloth is titled “Going Dancing”.

Meantime, It’s that wonderful time of year for me when I have plenty of time to work on projects. Vacation days are plenty at this time of year and I spend a lot of time in my studio. I’ll be posting some photos of several new projects that I’m sewing along with progress on my knitting. this week I started the placemats from Creative Knitting. They’re really coming along nicely. The first one is almost done. Hope to make four but I need at least two to put on the kitchen table Also picked up a pair of socks that’s been on the needles way too long. I went and bought a new color for the toes and now I have the motivation to finish them.

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