Sock Knitting in Progress

Here’s a photo of my favorite sock knitting in progress. This is a beautiful green heather sock yarn that I brought back from my trip to England. I started this sock last spring and then put it aside for the summer. Now I’m ready to finish both socks so I can wear them soon. I used my basic sock pattern. It’s the Classic Sock Pattern from Yankee Knitter Designs (Pattern #29). I’ve found that this pattern works with all my yarns and I continue to change the pattern stitch that I use. This is the first time that I’ve done a cable sock. The design was inspired by a cardigan that I had a few years ago. The stitch repeat is k2, p1, k4, p1. Every fifth row I’m cabling the knit 4 section. After I took this picture yesterday, I started working on the sock again and had the heel finished before the end of the evening. So now I’m off to watch a little TV and hopefully finish the foot so that tomorrow I can work on the toe section and then start the other sock. I’m determined to finish this pair of socks by the end of next weekend. Because…….

This beautiful Misti Alpaca sock yarn is waiting to be used. This is not from my stash but a new purchase right before Thanksgiving. I’m not sure what stitch pattern to use for this yarn but I’m sure as I wind the yarn, the yarn will help me decide.

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