Another Knit Grocery Bag and 2 more Tote Bags

It’s been a great week for finishing projects. First I finished the two small tote bags. The gold/green tote is the same type as the one I made in July. These are handy for so many things. I like to use them for carrying my sock knitting. I did buy the buttons because they were such a good match. It’s completely lined and has a pocket inside. The green stripe one has an outer pocket. I just measured all the pieces and put them together with fabric from my collection. I’m so glad to being using these fabrics.

The knit grocery bag is from the pattern on my website . Although it looks completely different in these colors. I’ve named this the “Awning Bag”. The colors ended up looking like an awning although my purpose was just to use up some more of the cotton yarn that I have. This bag is all from the cotton yarn that I have. I think I’m going to add fabric handles to this one. I don’t really have any wood or acrylic ones that work. Unless of course I buy some. Maybe!

I also finished 3 more dishcloths this week. I need to take a count soon and see how many there are.

I’ve started another tote bag. This one is knit but it will be the size of the small totes. I’m knitting a bottom and then intend to pick up stitches along the edge and knit in the round until it’s the proper height. We’ll see how it develops.

I also started a new baby blanket. I have several colors of Encore worsted around and the 8 hour baby blanket book has such simple patterns. I’m still making progress on the Superior Shawl that I started two weeks ago although that’s going really slow. It’s taking longer than I expected but most projects do.

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