The Shrug, A Poncho and 3 Dishcloths FINISHED!

It’s been a busy week. I’ve worn my new shrug a lot. To work with a pair of slacks and a tank top, and all weekend when I went shopping. It’s great when the air conditioning is just a little to cool for bare shoulders. Here’s a photo. I also finally sewed together this summer poncho. It’s been done for months and had one shoulder seam done. All that was left was the second shoulder seam. I can’t imagine why I left it for so long. It’s another item that’s great for warm weather. I don’t remember what yarn this is but it looks like very colorful rag strips.

I also managed to knit three more diagonal cloths. These are yarn combinations using a dark color that I wasn’t to happy with and a new Sugar n Cream Twists light color. So, I continue to use up yarn that I’ve collected. But…Friday, I found 3 more large cones of cotton yarn. I will definitely have enough yarn to make 100 cloths.

Since I found so many large cones of yarn, I decided to make a shopping bag for groceries. It’s coming out beautifully. Hope to have it finished by the end of the week. Photos to follow. I’ve stopped using the paper and plastic at the grocery store and have been using some of the many, many canvas bags that I have. A knitted bag will be great. My contribution to the environment.

One thought on “The Shrug, A Poncho and 3 Dishcloths FINISHED!

  1. They look great! Hope you’re knitting while having a cool drink and steering clear of the crazy storms we’ve been having! 100 cloths…what will you do with them all? 🙂

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