Feather n Fan Finished & Shrug almost done

I’ve been working steadily on the cotton shrug. I only have the second shoulder and short sleeve to complete. At this rate, I should have it done on Saturday. I think I’ll make a second one. I have yarn in my stash that will be perfect. I haven’t checked the gauge yet but I’m pretty sure it’s close. I’ll post photo of the shrug as soon as it’s finished. I can’t wait to wear it. It’s one of those items that I can wear every day.

I continue to make progress on the dishcloths and using the yarn that I’ve collected. I finished another diagonal cloth, the fourth 4 x 4 block square and a feather and fan. The photo is the feather n fan in Sugar n Cream Baby Stripes. This self striping yarn is great for feather and fan stitch. It looks like a lot more work that it is. I’m already about half done with another feather and fan. This one is variegated and solid yarns. Totally a different effect.

I have several dark colors in the box of yarn so I went to AC Moore today and picked up two balls of light colors to mix so I can use up the dark. I ‘m back to the size 11 needles and a double strand. One dark and one light color. The diagonal cloths go quickly and it is really relaxing knitting. I’m thinking of lots of other patterns as I knit these. I’m trying to write out some of my other ideas so that I can make them after I finish these cloths.

Also have four 4 x 4 blocks now. I still would like to make enough of these to make a small blanket for the summer. I’ll need at least 20. Thanks for the comments. I haven’t figured out how to answer them yet but if you email me, I’ll be sure to answer your questions.

Tomorrow is my charity knitting night. I’m working on a hat with another skein of yarn from my collection. I’m determined to use what I have on hand.

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