My 100 Dishcloth Challenge

Here it is. My first blog. About a week ago, I decided it was time to use up all the worsted weight cotton yarn that I’ve accumulated. I really have a lot. So I determined that this year, I would put aside my other knitting and sewing projects and knit all this cotton into dishcloths. Nice, easy knitting. Squares and rectangles in wonderful color combinations. Simple knitting and purling. No patterns that can’t be memorized after a few repeats.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with them when they’re finished but most all my projects find a home by the time they’re done. Some may become gifts, some I may sell to encourage others to stop using so many paper products to clean up simple spills. Some may even be sewn together to form blankets perfect for the summer.

Please join me on this adventure as I use what I already have!! I’ll post photos as I finish some of them. I’m also looking forward to your suggestions for patterns and in finding uses for these wonderful, useful pieces of cloth.

3 thoughts on “My 100 Dishcloth Challenge

  1. I have an Idea… Sell them and use the money to buy your nefew and new car in a year or sew. get it sew…. good luck on your project hope it workes out for you

  2. I’ve read somewhere about an organization that collects them to give to families with newborns/premies. Will try to remember where I saw that….

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